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    Microsoft Ads Rolls Out a Slew of New Features

    Microsoft Advertising has been rolling out new features left and right. In this article, we’ll walk through the highlights of what you need to know.

    API Support for Google Import

    Microsoft Ads’ announced the global release of API support for Google Import. Microsoft’s Google Import now allows API users to sync Google Ads campaigns to Microsoft Ads. This opens up a variety of automation and customization solutions.

    Google Import API takes the pressure off of developers as it will provide API support for all new features, meaning that, for instance, tools will no longer be under pressure to build out support for new features as they arise.  In their documentation, Microsoft referenced responsive search ads (RSA) as an example. When new features such as RSAs are released, historically, search management tools would’ve needed to build out support for those new features. Now, using the API, those users can support an automated sync from Google Ads even if their application hasn’t otherwise been updated to support those new features (RSA, in this example) independently.

    Coming Soon: Customer Match

    In the coming months, Microsoft Advertising’s Customer Match will allow advertisers to create audiences from email addresses that they have collected through their own first-party audiences, in order to target folks on the Microsoft Search Network and Microsoft Audience Network.

    Countdown customizers now available for Responsive Search Ads (RSA)

    And on the topic of responsive search ads, Microsoft Ads has announced that countdown customizers will now be available in RSAs.  Countdown customizers automatically countdown to the date or time of the event being advertised. Microsoft Ads’ ad customizers will allow advertisers to add countdowns all the way down to the minute in their ads.

    Microsoft Ads Rolls Out a Slew of New Features

    Here’s when your ad would run and examples of how it would look.


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    These customizers have been available for dynamic search ads and expanded text ads but were not previously available for RSAs, which are now the default type for ad copy.

    Responsive Search Ads are the Default Type for New Ad Copy

    Google recently announced that RSAs would be the default type for new ad copy, so Microsoft’s announcement may come as less of a surprise.

    Advertisers still have the option to also create Expanded Text Ads but Responsive Search Ads are now the default type.

    Test Your Dynamic Remarketing Tags with UET Tag Helper

    Microsoft’s UET tag helper will now test dynamic remarketing lists in addition to testing the implementation of the UET and conversion goals.

    Microsoft Ads Rolls Out a Slew of New Features

    The UET Tag Helper icon in your browser.


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    Simply choose the audience that you want to test and click “test this audience”, then open UET tag helper and enter your landing page and click “start test”. You’ll then navigate through yur audience and monitor what the extension records.

    Coming Soon: Flyer Extensions

    Advertisers will be able to attach their flyers to ads in order to drive more engagement and visibility to products and promotions. This feature is unqiue to Microsoft Ads and will only be available in the United States, initially.

    Microsoft Ads Rolls Out a Slew of New Features

    Add your flyers to ads and drive more engagement to your products and promotions.


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    New In-market Audiences Rolling Out

    Microsoft Advertising is rolling out 60 new in-market audiences for search and audience campaigns in the United States. Two of those new audiences include new seasonal audiences: Mother’s Day and Back to School. Microsoft Ads has published the full list of in-market audiences here.



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