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    Google Opens Up .Dev Domain Name Registry to Everyone

    For the first time, Google is letting anyone register a domain using its .dev extension.

    Google has owned the .dev generic top-level domain name (gTLD) since 2015.

    When Google acquired the .dev gTLD it was intended to be private and reserved for Google’s use only.

    The most well-known use of the .dev gTLD is arguably, which is the home of a Google tool that grades website performance.

    As of today, registration of a .dev is now available to anyone via an early access program, which involves an additional fee to get access before the general public.

    Registrations of .dev domains will become publicly available on February 28 via all registrars.

    Google emphasizes that .dev is particularly well-suited for developers and technology.

    “Why .dev? .dev is a secure domain for developers and technology. From tools to platforms, programming languages to blogs, .dev is a home for all the interesting things that you build.”

    Another benefit of .dev, aside from the branding, is that it’s secure by default. HTTPS is required to connect to all .dev websites.

    To check if your desired domain name is available for registration, visit

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