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    Launching a new Publisher Center

    Official Google Webmaster Central Blog: Launching a new Publisher Center Today we are announcing the launch of Publisher Center to help publishers more easily manage their content across news products at Google. Publisher Center merges two existing tools, Google News Producer and Google News Publisher Center, improving their user experience

    SEO – What we need to do now

    The turbulence of the last few weeks has clouded our view of the future to levels not seen since the 2008 financial crisis. With uncertainty comes fear, and fear can drive knee-jerk reactions that might not be in the long-term interests of your business. Builtvisible hasn’t been immune from this.

    Why Site Speed Still Matters (Revisited)

    The marketing stack dictates infrastructure before content Success in an earned media channel like organic search hinges on content. Specifically, on producing helpful content that has the ability to rank. Google has focused its recent algorithmic updates largely on promoting great content and natural links, and penalizing weak content with